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 Upcoming Events

Oct 6 USATF 10-Mile Championships (Twin Cities, MN)

Oct 12 USATF Masters 5km Cross Country Championships

(San Diego, CA)

Oct 26 USATF Masters 15km Championship (Tulsa, OK)

Oct 27 USATF 50 Mile Road Championship (Boalsburg, PA)

Nov 2 USATF 5km Championships (New York, NY)

Nov 2 USATF Marathon Trail Championships (Moab, UT) 

 2020 Circuit

Dec 14, 2019 USATF National Club Cross Country

Championships, Bethlehem, PA

Jan 18, 2020 USATF Cross Country Championships, San

Diego, CA

Apr 26, 2020 USATF Masters 10 Km Championships,

James Joyce Ramble , Dedham, MA

Aug 21, 2020 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, HAP

Crim Festival of Races , Flint, MI

Other Events of Interest to Masters LDR Athletes

Mar 13-15, USATF Masters TF Indoor Championships

Jul 9-12, USATF Masters TF Outdoor Championships

Jul 20 - Aug 1 WMA Outdoor Championships [XC, 10K &

HM Road Races*], Toronto, Canada

Dec 12 USATF National Club Cross Country

Championships—2021 Masters GP, San Francisco, CA 

October, 2019 USATF LDR Newsletter

2019 USATF Masters 15 km Championships

On Saturday, October 26th, the Tulsa Federal Credit Union's Tulsa Run will host for the seventh and final time, the 2019 USATF Masters 15 Km Championships. Race director Heath Aucoin, has moved on, but Tulsa will put on the same great show. The pasta dinner the night before, the convenience from the downtown hotels to the start and finish, and the head start for the Championship over a challenging race course that showcases the neighborhoods of Tulsa are all still there. This has been one of the gemstones of the Masters Grand Prix Circuit; celebrate a great Championship run of seven years.

Please consult the event website at: http://www.usatf.org/Events---Calendar/National-Championships.aspx?year=2019

Entry Form is at: https://www.usatf.org/Products---Services/Event-Registration-Form.aspx?e=116939

USATF Masters Long Distance Running Phidippides Program

USATF's Phidippides Program continues to reward Masters athletes of all abilities for their participation in organized road races. Runners accumulate points during the year for each race they complete. Once their accumulated points achieve the standard they are seeking to achieve, they submit their application to USATF. In the past over 700 masters runners each year have earned awards. As of the end of May, 57 runners have already submitted their applications for a 2019 Award. Why not you? There is still plenty of time to run races, earn points, and apply for the Award. For more details on the program, and how to apply, please consult: http://www.usatf.org/Resources-for---/Masters/LDR/Phidippides-Award.aspx

2019 Masters Grand Prix Schedule               

Oct    12    USATF Masters 5 km Cross Country Championships    San Diego, CA

Oct    26    USATF Masters 15K Championships Tulsa Federal Credit Union Run    Tulsa, OK

Other Events of Interest to Masters LDR

Dec 14                  USATF National Club Cross Country Championships       Bethlehem, PA  

The Masters LDR Committee welcomes championship bids at all distances for 2020 and beyond. The Committee is especially interested in 5K, 8K, Half Marathon, and Marathon bids for 2020. Please contact Mary Rosado, Chair at mvrosadoesq@prodigy.net.

2019 USATF Masters Grand Prix standing

Current 2019 USATF Masters Grand Prix standings may be viewed at: